MCU Iron Man with no Downey?

March 18, 2016 - From Around The Web
MCU Iron Man with no Downey?

‘Captain America: Civil War’ director Joe Russo says recasting Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Iron Man’ won’t happen for many years.

Source: There’s Only One Way to Reboot ‘Iron Man’ Says ‘Civil War’ Director

This article brings up a valid point. Robert Downey absolutely owned the role of Tony Stark. When the first film was released I was hesitant to watch it, in fear that Downey (whom I had never really enjoyed before) would ruin my idea of what Iron Man could or should be. I was never so wrong. Downey did such an amazing job of bringing my ideas of who Tony Stark was to life. Maybe it is because I always thought of him as being a little pompous to begin with. That being said after 5 movies of him as Iron Man I couldn’t truly imagine anybody else playing the role in the same way. It surely would take a generational gap before the character could be rebooted without some seriously negative feedback from current MCU fans.


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